Wednesday, April 17, 2019

GoPro Hero 7 Black Unboxing and First Impressions

In this video, I unbox and review the new GoPro Hero 7 Black. This is a waterproof digital action camera with touch screen 4K HD video, 12MP photos, and live streaming stabilization. It’s all wrapped up a package that can fit inside your pocket.

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Celebrity Parents and Making Money Online

No, I’m not talking about celebrity moms like Jessica Alba who decide to found new ventures like The Honest Company. Though I suppose that is a small part of it. Far more profound than graduating from university, getting married or buying our first home, becoming a parent has had the most far-reaching impact on not only my day-to-day life, but also on my outlook on life.

And yes, it has also had a dramatic effect on my career as a freelance writer, professional blogger, and online entrepreneur. I believe I’ve commented on this in the past, talking about how growing and nurturing an online business is akin to growing and nurturing a newborn baby.

In fact, when you look at some of the parenting quotes that get thrown around on the Internet, you can see how practically the same mindset and perspective can just as easily apply to making money online.

Blossoming Into a Big Bang

Take Mayim Bialik for example.

If you’re around the same age as me, then you probably know her best for playing the title character in the 1990s TV sitcom “Blossom.” If you’re a little younger than me, then maybe you know her as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon Cooper’s love interest in “The Big Bang Theory.” She also happens to hold a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Outside of TV, she is a mom.

“I came to parenting the way most of us do — knowing nothing and trying to learn everything.”

Even though I’d been writing on the Internet since 1999, I didn’t really take blogging seriously as a professional endeavor until 2006. That was the year that I met John, actually, and that’s how I came to devour everything about Internet marketing, WordPress, AdSense, search engine optimization, and all the rest of it. I knew nothing, really, and I was trying to learn everything.

I Have the High Ground!

Learning is good. You never want to stop learning. But learning is not doing. If you want to make any forward progress, you need to put that learning into action. Stop waiting to line up all your ducks in a row, because the conditions will never be perfect.

As the Shia Labeouf meme instructs, you have to just do it. That’s how I approached blogging and freelance writing. And that’s also how I approached fatherhood. I’d never changed a diaper or bathed a baby prior to my own daughter. So, I just plunged in there and did it. I learned a lot, but I found that all the best parenting advice kept contradicting itself.

And this is where an Ewan McGregor quote feels especially appropriate.

“The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.”

Some “experts” told me that the baby’s crib should be completely devoid of any objects whatsoever, because they all pose as a suffocation hazard. Other “experts” said that the crib should be a warm and inviting place, so it makes sense to have a comfort blanket or stuffed animal. Some “experts” told me that co-sleeping helps to solidify the bond between parent and child. Other “experts” say that co-sleeping is a recipe for disaster. Who’s right?

Everyone has a different set of “rules” for parenting, but what might work great for one family could be positively horrendous for another. Making money online is much the same. That’s why John said in one of his videos that you shouldn’t gauge your potential for success or your ideal path with that of someone else. There are no rules. There is no certainty. You’ve just go to do what works.

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Here is one final lesson we can take from the world of parenting and apply to the world of making money online. Well, two final lessons, actually.

There’s only one of you. There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. You’ve got to figure out how much you want to do, and how you’re going to do it. Sometimes this means calling in help. Sometimes this means accepting that good enough is good enough. You don’t have to do this alone.

Second, just as your ultimate objective for your child is for them to grow up and to be independent, happy, and successful in their own right, your ultimate objective for your business could be much the same. You’re there in the early stages to grow and nurture it, celebrating in milestones along the way. But at some point, can you really step away? Can you get to the point where you can remove yourself from the business entirely? So that the business can run itself?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How To Create A Content Auditing Plan

You often hear about content audits and some of us don’t know what they are. A content audit is evaluating pieces of content making sure they are up to date, not anywhere else, and compliant with Google policies. A content audit is usually done every few months, and the process becomes much easier when you have a team to help. However, I’m surprised at the amount of people who still don’t conduct an audit, and this hurts their rankings within the SERP’s. If your site is full of auditing problem, then it can even be removed from the search engines completely. Remember, it’s all about the user experience in the end.

Today, we’ll be looking over the top methods to conduct a content audit on your website. I have collected feedback from the top bloggers, and what they do in order to accomplish this task. Let’s get started, and your feedback will be appreciated.

Create A List of Entire Content

In order for you to start auditing your content, you have to create a list of your entire published content. Depending on the amount of content you have published, screaming frog is a great tool to use to create a list quickly. The FREE version will scan up to 500 URL’s and sort them in Microsoft Excel. However, anything bigger you’ll have to use a paid version. Next,

Depending again on your size, you can go through manually conducting an audit on each, however this will be a much lengthier process. This step is very easy because many tools will generate the list, it’s going forward where you’ll have to look over DATA, etc. As mentioned, this is a lengthy process however it’s only something you do once a year, and can even hire a team to help.

Look Over Metrics

A very important step in order to know what’s performing well or under performing. By analyzing your metrics, you’ll be able to see a trend within your content. For example, how do you know when your content needs to be tweaked? SimpleĆ¢€¦ you look over the trend in recent months, and how it’s changed. If you notice a sudden drop then you know it can be due to:

  • Penalty
  • Competitor content
  • SPAM links

There are many tools you can use but the two popular are: Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Both will provide trends over a certain amount of time and even top content, keywords, traffic, links, etc.

However, you have to pay close attention to specific metrics like:

Category – I like to start by dividing up my content into the right categories. This way I know what content belongs under what topic. This will also help me determine the highest performing content and where to focus afterwards.

Search Volume (Main Keyword) – Knowing what main keyword you have been focusing on is very important. This will allow you to see what keyword links you have built, and how performance to that keyword has increased on decreased.

Organic Traffic – A good idea to build an organic traffic profile. This will tell you how much free traffic you are getting to your site. It’s a great indicator of how things are changing in terms of traffic over the months.

Monthly Traffic – Total amount of traffic to the page, content and keyword. Look for the changing trends.

Number of Backlinks – You should have a clear idea of how many backlinks are pointing to each page. You’ll know if SPAM links have been built by looking at how the profiles have changed.

Average Time on Site – This is something that is very important because it will tell you how people respond to your content. The longer people spend on your website, the better because it shows you provide value. However, if bounce rate is high then you can determine the reader doesn’t spend too much time on page, and doesn’t check out any other content.

Identify Your Reader

In order for you to understand how your content is changing, you have to identify who should be reading it and why. This is why it’s important to have a complete reader analysis done. Once you determine your readership, and know who responds to your conduct, then you’ll be able to find gaps in your strategy. There are a few areas you should be focusing on and I’ll identify them right now.

The Audience – In order for you to understand what type of content is performing, it’s important you know who your audience is. You have many tools which will help you through the entire process so make use of them. First, Google Analytics will provide a great breakdown of where your audience is coming from. Next, you can visit a competitor blog to understand their audience better.

Their Interest – Once you have identified your audience, it’s important you understand what type of content they love to read. This can be accomplished in the following ways:

Social media – Check what content is being shared increasingly with your audience. Shares and Likes is a great way to find out.

Comments – Where are people posting most of their comments. The more comments, the more opinion people have.

Time on page – Through Google Analytics, you can find out where people are spending most of their time. Look for average time on page because a higher time shows interest in that type of content.

Understand Topics and Keywords – Once you have determined your audience and their interest, then it’s important to know what content you should be focusing on going forward. Remember your ultimate goal is to write content which your audience loves to read and share. You have to narrow your focus to write more content which increases engagement. In the end, that’s the bottom line because it will help you convert your audience and increase profits.

Before, you can start to write your content, it’s important you do the next step to understand your topics, writing strategy and if it can be improved.

Google Keyword Planner – If I know about my audience then I can use Google Keyword Planner to do some searches to help find topics. For example, make a list of your main keywords and head over to Google Keyword Planner. Type each one into the tool and see related keywords + search volume.

Google Trends – I love to use this tool because its shows how things are changing within the search. It also gives you a chance to get a jump start on your competition because you’ll know what’s trending before them. However, you have to make sure each search using Trends should be conducted with a list of target keywords.

The Content Gap

What does this mean? This means you have to find out and analyze what you have discovered through your audit so far. After, you can see how much of the DATA is matching up between what you uncovered, and what you have published so far. For example, if I know my guests love content based on link building, but I have been focusing on content marketing, then I’ll have to adjust my writing. Keep in mind, your engagement will only increase if you are able to give your readers the kind of content they are looking for. If your audit shows they like a certain type of content, and you writing a completely different type, then you’ll slow down your engagement.

Final Thoughts

Conducting a content audit is very important is you plan on increasing engagement, and loyalty among your website. Through content audits, you’ll be able to determine what type of content your users like, and this will bring you closer to your bottom line. However, doing a complete audit can be very tedious which is why I recommend you should spread out the entire process. For example, follow the steps above to get started, and here they are in short form again.

First, start by organizing your content right now and creating a list of your existing content. This will allow you to go through each and know what content is published, and what remains. It will also give you a chance to organize them into the right categories i.e. link building, content marketing, social media, etc.

Secondly, use the tools you have available to look over the metrics. I like to use Google Analytics and because they’ll provide a complete profile. You can also use GWT to find internal and external links, however from my opinion it’s a good idea to use Ahrefs because it’s an all-in-one solution to your requirements. With that said, you have to create a list of the following:

  • External links
  • Internal links
  • Organic traffic
  • Average time on page
  • Top content
  • Etc

Third, understand your audience, and what they are leaning towards in terms of content. For example, you’ll notice some content resonates more with your readers. It’s important you focus on the same type of content because this is what ultimately builds momentum with readers.

Fourth, analyze the gap within your content so you can fill it in afterwards. For example, if you know your readers love link building content, but you’ve been writing content on marketing, then it’s time to switch it up, right? This way you’ll have more content that your readers love and this will increase the likelihood of a conversion. However, I’m still surprised at the amount of visitors which don’t understand their audience enough.

It’s time to go through each element adding it to your content auditing so you can get a better idea of the type of content you should be focusing on for conversions, and user engagement.

Monday, April 15, 2019

7 Unique and Easy Lead Magnets That Will Get You More Subscribers

Lead magnets are a great way to generate more leads for your business and encourage users to become loyal subscribers to your blog. Lead magnets are basically a freebie that you offer to your website visitors in exchange for their email address. You want to offer your website visitors a lead magnet that they’ll love. Some of the most popular types of lead magnets are eBooks and mini eBooks, as well as guides. But those lead magnets take time to create. Plus, an eBook or a guide doesn’t interest a lot of people because they take time to read too.

Instead, you want to create a quality lead magnet quickly, that your audience will want to get their hands on immediately. Luckily, there are a number of lead magnet ideas you may not have considered that are highly-effective and can be crafted in no time at all.

Check out these 7 unique and easy lead magnets that will get you more subscribers.

1. Checklist

A checklist is one of the quickest lead magnets to make and it works for a number of different businesses and industries as well. For instance, if you started a blog about blogging, you could create a checklist for writing the perfect blog post. An accountant could create a tax prep checklist. And an eCommerce business could create a checklist for a music festival, recommending their audience to purchase a rain coat, a fanny pack, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Image Source

Plus, a checklist is easy to consume for your audience. They can download your checklist after opting in and use it right away with little effort.

2. Resource list

A resource list is another awesome lead magnet idea that you can pull together in no time. A resource list is basically a list of recommended websites, articles, tools, etc. to help your website visitors learn how to do something or reach their goals. Resource lists are a huge hit with audiences. You save them a ton of time and research by pulling together everything they need to know into one place.

Image Source

Don’t just add links to a document, convert it to a PDF, and leave it at that though. You need to design an eye-catching resource list so that your audience feels like they’re receiving a quality lead magnet.

3. Calendar

Another unique and easy lead magnet idea is a calendar. A calendar lead magnet is especially great for businesses and blogs centered around fitness because you can add exercise and meal plans for each week, so subscribers have everything planned out for them.

Image Source

But a calendar lead magnet could work for a number of other niches as well. You could create a content calendar template for bloggers, a study calendar for students, or a social media holiday calendar.

4. PDF version

Want to create a lead magnet in an instant? Look no further than the PDF version lead magnet. You can take your most popular blog post, turn it into a PDF, and offer it to your website visitors to download.

Image Source

A PDF version of your blog post gives people the opportunity to own your blog post and read it over and over again at their leisure, without requiring an internet connection. This lead magnet is super simple to create and highly-effective.

5. Template

Another unique and easy lead magnet to create is the template. Templates are super useful for your audience. You can turn a number of tasks into a template such as writing a blog post or creating a resume. All you have to do is provide an outline for the task and provide users a space to fill in the blanks with their personal details.

Image Source

You can sweeten the deal of your lead magnet and get even more people to click the download button by providing a number of different templates at once. For instance, in the example above you get 5 free blog post templates to create the how-to post, list-based post, curated collection post, slideshare presentation post, and newsjacking post.

6. Membership

One often overlooked lead magnet idea is the membership. A membership site makes people feel like they’re a part of something special. You can charge members a fee or offer a free membership in exchange for their email address. With a membership users can gain access to special content like a podcast, exclusive blog posts, or a members-only forum.

Image Source

Creating a membership site might seem time-consuming and difficult but with a membership plugin like MemberPress, it’s easy. With MemberPress you can turn your existing website into a membership site and easily control who sees what content.

7. Facebook group

If you don’t want to create a membership site, another option for you is a private Facebook group. Your website visitors can request to join your private Facebook by providing their email address.

Image Source

You can create a private Facebook group in no time at all, but of course, some upkeep is required with this type of lead magnet. You’ll need to keep your Facebook group updated with helpful, entertaining posts as well as interact with members in the comment section in order to keep your group members active and engaged.


You can create most of these lead magnets using a free tool like Canva and you can present your lead magnet with an attention-grabbing popup using a tool like OptinMonster. Now that you’ve got some great lead magnet ideas that are easy to create and irresistible to your audience, get ready for your email list to grow like crazy.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

How To Make $4,732 A Day From A Simple Download Giveaway

You’re invited to join me for a live webinar with Marcus Campbell and Kim Dang.

During this special live training, you will learn:

  • How Marcus made millions with simple downloads and web tools
  • How Kim made $65,000 in just a few months with a Google Chrome extension that she outsourced

Unlike other trainings, you will get to see the sites, the offers, and how the money was made. I think you will get a ton of value from it.

The live webinar will held this Thursday April 18 at 6pm Eastern Time (3pm Pacific). Our webinar room is limited to 1000 and this invite is going out to my list of over 100,000. This live training will sell out, so go register now to ensure you get a seat.

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In addition to the live training, everyone who register will get a free Downloads Profit report. I look forward to seeing you live this Thursday!

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Unboxing Crowd Cow A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima, Japan

In this video, Sally and I unbox a 20 pound box from Crowd Cow. Inside was a 14 oz A5 Wagyu New York Strip steak from Kagoshima, Japan. Why you do you need a 20 pound box to ship a 14 oz steak? Because it’s protecting the best tasting and most expensive steak in the world!

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What Is Wagyu?

Wagyu means Japanese cow and it is the name given to cattle breeds developed over centuries in Japan. Wagyu beef is known for its intense marbling and carries a well-deserved reputation for exquisite taste, texture and tenderness.

The world of cows in Japan can be traced by breed, bloodline, and even geography. Beginning in the Meiji Era, the Japanese reognized the value of Wagyu beef and sought to develop it into the highest quality beef in the world, Seeking to preserve the purity of the bloodline, Japan banned the export of the Wagyu DNA in 1997.

There are four main breeds of Wagyu in Japan. By far the most important of the four Wagyu breeds is Kuroge Washu. It’s known for its unique genetic disposition for exquisite marbling. Kuroge Washu is the only breed of cattle that can achieve an A4 or A5 rating by the Japanese Meat Grading Association.

Kobe Confusion

You’ve probably herd o Kobe beef. But thanks to mislabeling in the US, the term is subject to much confusion. For example, beef that is actually only a small percentage Wagyu is often sold at a high premium and labeled as “American Kobe.”

In order to be certified Kobe beef, the cattle must be Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu) and pure Tajima. Also, the cows must be bred, raised and slaughtered in the Hyogo perfecture of Japan. Finally, the meat must reach a 6 or above on the BMS marling scale.

Marbling and the BMS Grading System

Marbling is the distribution of soft white intramuscular fats within the red meat. Generations of careful breeding and management of diet and exercise contribute to the unique marbling of Wagyu Beef.

Wagyu is graded for its marbling on a scale of 1-12, with 12 being the highest achievable quality. At this level, the beef is considered a work of art!

To be designated as “A5 Wagyu,” the beef must be raised in Japan and achieve the highest possible rating by the Japanese Meat Grading Association. For reference, USDA Prime beef, the highest designation of quality in the US, is equivalent to 4 or 5 marbling score.

Enjoy Some Wagyu – Click Here For a $25 Crowd Cow Coupon!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Turbocharged South OC Cars and Coffee

In this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I check out all the cool supercars at the South OC Cars and Coffee at the Outlets at San Clemente in South Orange County. This is the biggest weekly care meetup in the world. I also explain how a turbocharger works with the help of a 1986 Buick Grand National.

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